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About NoseFrida

NoseFrida nasal aspirator, also known as "The Snotsucker", is an effective aid against nasal congestion for small children aged 0-3.

Small children cannot blow their noses and this disturbs their sleep, food intake and the general well-being.

NoseFrida was developed and produced by ear, nose and throat doctors and it has been sold since 1996. It meets all the demands for safety and hygiene both for the child and the user. The nasal aspirator does not irritate the sensitive mucous membrane in your child's nose, and you do not need to be worried about getting mucous or bacteria in your mouth as the filter will prevent this..

Clinical tests show that using NoseFrida results in less nasal congestion, better sleep and an improved appetite. NoseFrida is effective enough to reduce the need of nasal drops.

How to use:

Step by step instructions

Step 1

Place your child face up on a changing table or bed. You can also hold your child, tucking their arms in while sitting.

Step 4

Clean NoseFrida after each use. Remove the blue tube and rinse it in hot water and dishwashing liquid. Let the tube dry. Replace the filter and put the tube back. You will hear a click when you connect the tube onto the blue hat.

Step 2

Move the red nozzle on NoseFrida to your mouth and place the opening of the tube by the child's nostril. 

Step 5

Step 3

Apply the necessary suction. If the mucous is thick or crusty, use saline solution and then suck the nose clean.

Your NoseFrida is now ready to be used again!  

Also, NoseFrida is packed in a specially designed case which means you always have a practical and hygienic storage for your NoseFrida.

.... or watch this old school NoseFrida how-to video that will be updated soon...

NoseFrida Reviews

"The ultimate gadget"

“I came to know about Nosefrida before I had my little boy last year, so before he came I looked for little gadgets that's would make having a newborn easier for a new mom and dad. Nosefrida helped me in so many ways it's easy to use and clean. And not to mention cheap as well I highly recommend this to help your baby from a congested nose.”

"Highly recommended"

“Best thing I ever bought! Amazing for my twins with lots of nose and chest issues. Gets everything out their nose before they get more sick. Highly recommended”

"Amazing product"

“Amazing Product!! my second baby on the way.. out of all the products that I used on my boy .. 2 years old . this is by far the best!! and believe me you will use this until 3 years of age.. I will buy more if needed.. love it!!!!!”

“Just a fantastic product! Hygienic and easy to use.”

"Fantastic Product"

"I take my NoseFrida everywhere"

"Moms - get yourself a NoseFrida!"

"No medicine needed"

“I’ve been using it since the beginning and it sure makes it easier to get those buggers out. I love my nosefrida and take it everywhere”

“Awesome product. I really love it. Easy to use and clean. Moms if you struggle with blocked noses get yourself a nosefrida.”

“Having the nosefrida on hand when my little boy has a blocked and runny nose has been a life saver, really helps alleviate the discomfort and get rid of the mucous without having to use medicines... I highly recommend it!!”

“Highly recommend this to all parents!”

"Highly recommend"


NoseFrida Resellers

NoseFrida is available at Dis-Chem and Clicks nationwide. It is also available at selected  Netcare pharmacies and a wide range of independent pharmacies.

Should your local pharmacy not stock NoseFrida, you can request that they bring one in for you. How cool is that!

Buy your NoseFrida in-store

Buy your NoseFrida online

You can also order your NoseFrida and your refill filters online from Dis-Chem - they even give you the option to pay with Benefit Points, eBucks or Discovery Miles!


Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about where to buy your NoseFrida in South Africa!


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